Qingdao International Business Association

     In 2001, with China joining the WTO, an increasing number of foreign enterprises started investing in second tier cities with great potentials such as Qingdao, where many chambers of commerce from Europe and America set up rep offices. As a result, such NGOs as QBL (Qingdao Business Leaders) and QIBC (Qingdao International Business Club) emerged.
     QBL was founded in 2006 and open to foreign passport holders only, whereas QIBC was established in 2009 and open to both expats and local business people.

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Members Rights

Pulitzer(providing member benefits)


Qingdao Pulitzer Information and Technology Co., Ltd. Established in May 2017, focus on software development, technical services, big data services, information consulting services, Internet online sales and other fields, and honored with Technology-based SME Certification, EDI (...

和动力(providing member benefits)


I. HarmonyForce background Adventure learning originated in Europe and was adopted in the United States in the 1960s. During that time, there were four organizations doing research, teaching and development in the field. They were Outward Bound School, National Outdoor Leadership School...

Nature Beauty Center(providing member benefits)


Prima facie aesthetics creates a three-dimensional skin management model of skin type, skin color and skin age, combines physical comprehensive scientific and technological instruments with skin functional skin care products,...

Cross border investment


一、Acquisition of domestic chemical projects;
二、Seek cooperation for overseas agricultural and animal husbandry projects...

Membership interests


Monthly member Day theme activities and exchange reception:The club holds member day themed activities once a month and organizes member exchange activities with different themes, including private board of directors, learning and exchange, current affairs forum, visiting enterprises, yachting to se...

Yahuili digital media(providing member benefits)


Yahuili Digital Media Co., Ltd. was established in December 2009 and landed on Qingdao blue ocean equity trading platform in 2018.The company focuses on real estate films, online exhibition hall solutions, vr virtual simulation, VR education and other fields....

Qiuzhen Honey Shop(providing member benefits)


Shandong Qiuzhen Food Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the breeding of bees, the production, processing, R & D and sales of bee products at home and abroad. Qiuzhen Bee Industry Co., Ltd. has specially set up "Yishan joint beekeeping base"....