Merchant discounts

Membership interests

2021-08-23 15:24:44

Monthly member Day theme activities and exchange reception:

The club holds member day themed activities once a month and organizes member exchange activities with different themes, including private board of directors, learning and exchange, current affairs forum, visiting enterprises, yachting to sea, interest experience, etc., so as to enrich members' amateur life, provide regular communication and interaction for members, increase emotional contacts among members and explore business cooperation opportunities among members.

High end transnational business exchange platform:

At present, the club has more than 20 representative offices in Qingdao as honorary members. Enterprises can expand overseas business with the help of high-end business activities and global network resources, and obtain communication channels with foreign chambers of Commerce and government agencies.

Opportunity to join the club board:

After discussion and approval by the Qiba board of directors, individual members / main principals of enterprises can be invited to join the Qiba board of directors to participate in the operation and decision-making management of the club.

Enjoy free high-quality enterprise promotion channels:

Member enterprises will enjoy free booths / booths for each event; Brief company promotion can be made before cocktail party / Lecture activities; After review, the company introduction / news can be sent to all fans through Qiba wechat public account.

Inter chamber of Commerce fellowship activities:

The club hosts one belt, one road business association, and more than twenty representatives from Qingdao and dozens of member enterprises to promote investment and investment in Qingdao.

Member price for quality goods / services:

The goods / services provided by the club will be purchased from member enterprises, and other members of the club can enjoy the preemptive right at a preferential discount price.