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Nature Beauty Center(providing member benefits)

2021-09-10 17:09:38

    Prima facie aesthetics creates a three-dimensional skin management model of skin type, skin color and skin age, combines physical comprehensive scientific and technological instruments with skin functional skin care products, makes it possible to have faster beauty effect, shorter operation time and better nursing price, and creates a new beauty consumption scene of "intelligence, technology, professionalism and transparency" for users.

    In the future development direction, Nature Beauty Center will be committed to the store positioning of "small and beautiful, small and fine, small and specialized", create a new outlet for the consumption upgrading of the beauty industry, and comprehensively meet the healthy skin management needs of women in the new era.

    As a leading brand of scientific and technological beauty, Nature Beauty Center aesthetics has always focused on the management of young skin, and is committed to promoting the new ecology of beauty industry of "traditional Chinese medicine + beauty industry + Internet".

    We believe that: the beauty of birth, the beauty of life, their own is the best. The brands joined by Nature Beauty Center management have been incorporated into our business projects after countless experiments and experiences. The brands now held have been studied and developed for more than ten years at home and abroad, and have created the first high-end pure plant non additive scientific and technological skin management mode in the island city with the concept of zero addition, pure plant and pure environmental protection.