Mission & Vision

Mission statement

      Combined with the characteristics of internationalization of local economy and localization of international economy, we are committed to building a communication and exchange platform for Chinese and foreign businessmen guided by the combination of Finance and intelligence and the integration of France and business, so as to share wisdom, discuss cooperation and share the future.

      (To be a cooperative platform for international business success in Qingdao. From startups to multinationals, QIBA will always strive to be the inclusive place to learn, network, grow and prosper.)

  • Select high-quality international investment projects for members and assist members in optimizing resource allocation.

  • Organize members to participate in colorful activities and enhance interaction and communication among members.

  • Build a high-end and free business mutual assistance platform and use platform thinking to multiply development.

  • Integrate global resources and one's assistance in implementing one belt, one road initiative.