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Pulitzer(providing member benefits)

2021-09-13 17:49:52

    Qingdao Pulitzer Information and Technology Co., Ltd. Established in May 2017, focus on software development, technical services, big data services, information consulting services, Internet online sales and other fields, and honored with  Technology-based SME Certification, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Certification, Computer Software Copyright Certificate and so on.

    In order to effectively help small and medium-sized enterprises to connect resources, enhance their core competitiveness, make up for business shortcomings, Pulitzer company has developed the Haoyi World platform. The platform mainly has ten functional sections. They establish connections leverage the big data through the Internet, precisely and rationally allocates resources to create a shared platform integrating technology research and development, business incubation, international cooperation, market transactions, and comprehensive services.

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