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2021-09-10 17:24:50

I. HarmonyForce background

    Adventure learning originated in Europe and was adopted in the United States in the 1960s. During that time, there were four organizations doing research, teaching and development in the field. They were Outward Bound School, National Outdoor Leadership School. Project Adventure Inc. and High5 Adventure Inc. They studied both personal development and team building. They had different training construction but they shared the same instruction model: “adventure learning”. They emphasized learning by doing and designed a lot of experiences, games and activities.

    When Project Adventure learning introduced to China in 2001. Within the past twentyyears. HarmonyForce Adventure help tens of thousands of Chinese and multinational companies, schools build their teams. Improve their soft skills and management skills by adventure learning system. We’ve developed a Chinese culture based experiential learning course----HarmonyForce Adventure.

   Meanwhile, HarmonyForce Adventure introduce 4D leadership system from NASA U.S.A. and EQ leadership training courses. Combine with adventure education system make into High Performance Adventure System to empower personal growth,team development and team leadership building.


1) Unity Through Diversity: First of all, with the well designed indoor and outdoor adventure courses, MIDDLEBY team is encouraged to develop self-awareness, explore team and learn the skills for future cooperation and build trust. People are instructed to increase the communication and trust each other in relaxing surroundings after COVID.19. Reach harmony in the Cross-Cultural working environment.Keep adventure and have fun!

2) Soft skill building: Secondly, through interactive training build a team work and team player learning organization. Enhance resource sharing across departments. Besides, To break away from the stereotyped mindset, change the attitude of each supervisor, experience thinking of turning the impossible into possible. Learn communication skill both inside the team and outside of the team.

3) Leadership based on Cooperate culture. Thirdly, With NASA 4D leadership Methodology 。 All the games design on the core value of Innovation, Empowerment, Accountability MIDDLEBY culture. By using learning effective and fun experiential learning Let team members fell in MIDDLEBY not only grow the professional knowledge but also the soft skills. Improve their personal competence and behavior identity. As a result, manager employees will gain more feelings of contribution and be more devoted to MIDDLEBY.

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