Cross border investments

Cross border investment

2021-09-10 11:35:22

一、Acquisition of domestic chemical projects

Product: epoxy resin for carbon fiber, new plant, convenient transportation and basically new equipment

Application fields: sports equipment, automobile, new energy equipment, sports equipment, medical equipment, aviation

Location: self built factory in Jiangsu

Capacity: 3000 tons, 2000 tons at present. The plant can be expanded, and the maximum capacity can reach 5000 tons.

It is suitable for the acquisition of listed companies and industry leaders to increase production capacity

The company has no right to dispute or legal issues

Land area: 25809.77 square meter

Building area: about 12574 m2

Ground floor area: about 7883 m2

Intention: seeking acquisition

二、Seek cooperation for overseas agricultural and animal husbandry projects

The backgroud is that our company is a worldwide leading company in feeding and farming machinery. Due to the business development of our company, our company now has intention to seek for some industry partners in the area of pig butchering and segmentation for the purposes of resource integration. Hence, we reach out to you, the famous European company with good reputation and superior standards in this area, to figure out whether we may undertake some kind of cooperation in the future. 

Specifically, our company’s main pursuits are as follows:

We are very open to any form of cooperation. 

1. For instance, we may set up a JV in China, and foreign shareholder may invest by way of technology. As we learned that some foreign investors may not be familiar with the dynamic Chinese market, we think it may be a good opportunity for both parties to combine the technology and the market resources, and most importantly, to further explore the vast Chinese market.

2. Another alternative is that we may represent you to better promote your products in the Chinese market, as we know more about the needs of the Chinese customers. We think it may be a win-win scenario.

3. Last, we hold an open attitude as to the method of cooperation, and pls let us know if you have any good presumptions or suggestions.