Board of Directors

Selene Zhou

2021-06-18 05:44:43


Board Member of QIBA  2013-now 

Board Member of Qingdao International Children  2016-now

Chief Representative of Australia Qingdao Association Incorporated  2019-now

Founder of Sino-AusLink   2019-now 

China Business Development Manager of Earth Adventure 2019-now


Project officer of Government of South Australian (2016-2019) 

Business development manager of AustChamBoHai Qingdao office (2015-2016)

As the founder of Sino-AusLink, the mission is to link the lifestyles between China and Australia base on previous experiences in both sides cultures understanding and markets enquiries consulting services, especially the new retail (online & offline integration) construction. 

It’s not just limited to different industry products distribution and projects matching but also the whole package solution for individual customs.