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Qiuzhen Honey Shop(providing member benefits)

2021-08-02 10:59:59

      Shandong qiuzhen food co., Ltd. is located at the foot of Yishan Mountain, a national 5A forest park. It is specialized in bee product processing enterprises integrating beekeeping, processing, research and development and sales. Covering an area of 39960 square meters, it has a production workshop with GMP requirements of 3000square meters. It has 50 professional and technical personnel, and has established the Bokang Bee Industry Professional Cooperative. It has a “Yushan Joint Beekeeping Base” and a “Wuyuan Joint Beekeeping Base”. "Lushan is a beekeeping base." There are 215 existing apiary farms and 36,680 bee colonies. Annual processing of 6,000 tons of honey, processing 500 tons of fresh royal jelly, the products are exported to Japan,EU, America and other countries.

      The enterprise has passed China import and export Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, food and drug administration, China's Ministry of Commerce jointly launched the "three same enterprise" certification. Three identical means that enterprises use the same production line for domestic and export products, the same quality for domestic and export products, and the same standard for domestic and export products, namely, the same line, same quality and same standard.

      Set up a testing and r&d center, equipped with WATERS liquid chromatography from the United States, Finland Leiber enzyme reader, the United States Ohaus electronic analysis balance, excellent equipment and precision detection, to check the products layer by layer. Guarantee domestic and export products "same line, same standard and same quality"!

      Companies adhere to people-oriented, integrity management, and is willing to develop a sweet career with knowledgeable people.

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